Thursday, October 10, 2013

Candy Corn Wine Bottles

I know I recently posted about my candy corn jars, but I couldn't resist making these fun candy corn champagne/wine bottles.  I like to reuse some of our champagne and wine bottles and paint them for holidays and decorations.

These were easy and done in a few quick steps.

Candy Corn Bottles

1.  Remove labels from wine, champagne or any other glass bottle.  I try to peel the label off and then soak the bottle in hot, soapy water to remove any remaining label.

2.  Spray entire bottle with white spray paint.  I used a few light coats.

3.  Spray the bottom third of the bottle with a couple light coats of yellow spray paint.  I used Valspar spray paint in Gold Abundance, from Lowes.

4. Spray middle of bottle with a couple, light coats of orange spray paint.  I used Valspar spray paint in Island Orange, from Lowes.

5.  Let dry and enjoy your candy corn bottles for Halloween.

I loved the blurred lines and how the colors blend together on the bottles.

*Always use spray paint in a well ventilated area.  I usually spray in my garage, with my the garage door and window open. 

My Fourth of July bottles are probably my favorite, but these candy corn bottles are a close second.  I've also done some Valentine bottles and some chalkboard bottles.  I am currently using the chalkboard bottles for Halloween decorations too (picture below).

Chalkboard Bottles

3 Weeks Until Halloween!  What are you doing to prepare?

Happy Champagne Thursday!


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