Thursday, May 31, 2012

Teacher Gifts

Parker's last day of preschool is today, so we wanted to give his teachers a little something to let them know we appreciate all that they do.  Parker has so much fun at school and loves all of his teachers and friends.

I thought a planter would be a fun gift for the end of the school year and something Parker could help with.  We put together a planter for each one his teachers.  Parker picked out the planter colors for each of his teachers and helped pick out the flowers.  Then we painted rocks, with acrylic paint, to add to each of the planters.  Parker loves to paint, so this was the perfect project for him.  I brought the rocks home from the lake a year or two ago and they had been sitting in my garage since then, just waiting for a project.  I have a lot of other stuff (pine cones, jars, wood scraps...)  in my garage just waiting for me to do something with them too.  Then, I added the teachers names, "You Rock!," and "Thank you for helping me grow" to each of the rocks, with permanent marker.

We also gave Parker's main teacher a nice card and Starbucks gift card, because we know she loves coffee!

Ready to paint rocks

Admiring his work

Planters from Target, $2.99 each

Potting mix, planters & flowers

Clear coat for the rocks

Painted rocks ready for a protective clear coat

Thank you for helping me grow!

Finished planters

You Rock!

A big thanks to all you wonderful teachers out there!  We appreciate you!

Happy Champagne Thursday!


Thursday, May 24, 2012


I created a fun Superhero-Brother print for Parker's room, using a quote from Marc Brown.  "Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a Superhero" by Marc Brown.  I thought it was perfect for his superhero room.  I created the print in Photoshop and downloaded the Hall of Heros font from to get the different superhero images.  Then I had an 8 x 10 printed at Costco for $1.50.

I also framed a couple of brother pictures; one of Park & Ryde and one of my dad & uncle when they were little.  

Superhero-Brother Print

I hope these two brothers stay good friends, forever.  They are so much fun to watch together.  Ryder already wants to do everything his brother is doing.  Here are a few of my favorite Park & Ryde, "brother" shots (mostly taken from my phone): 

And a Happy Early Birthday to my little brother, Marcus!  Looking forward to spending a fun weekend with him!  Happy 29th Birthday! 

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Happy Champagne Thursday!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Technically Summer doesn't begin for a little over a month, but we've been having such beautiful weather here, it feels like Summer. With the weather so nice, I thought I would create a Summer Bucket List.  I'm looking forward to a fun Summer!  Hope I get everything crossed off my list.  I encourage you all to make your own Summer Bucket List.

Happy Champagne Thursday!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy 1/2 Birthday Ryder Roo!

I can't believe this cute little guy is a 1/2 year already!

Ryder's 6 months stats and fun facts

Weight: 16 lbs 8.8 oz
Height:  26 inches
Head Circumference:  43 cm

Slept through the night once.  He generally gets up once or twice a night.

Trying new foods:  sweet potatoes (his favorite), squash, pears, peas, blueberries

He prefers to be on belly.  He pretty much immediately rolls over to his tummy, when I lay him down on back.  He sleeps on his belly about half the time too.  Quite the opposite from his brother!

Loves, loves his brother!  There is no better sound than your two boys giggling and laughing together.

Working on sitting up.

Loves to put his toes in his mouth (see pictures).

He loves to be outside.  We've been taking lots of walks and going to the park quite a bit lately.  He got to enjoy his first Farmers Market this past weekend.

He is such a happy, easy going baby.  I'm a lucky mom!

What a serious 6 month old

Good thing I just had a bath

Working on sitting up

I love my Sophie

This picture makes me laugh

Cute profile

Blue eyes

Love his expression

His favorite pose
On his belly, arms in the air and feet kicking
Looks like he is swimming

Laughing at Grandma

Happy 1/2 Birthday Ryder Roo!
We love you!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Trip to Goodwill

My sister, Suzanna, won a $20 gift card to Goodwill and said she wasn't going to use it, so I offered to take it off her hands.  What are sisters for?  :)  I knew I could find something there for some sort of project.  I didn't even know Goodwill had gift cards.  You learn something new everyday, right?

You might be wondering where somebody would a win gift card to Goodwill from.  Her work had an Ugly Sweater party for Christmas and she won.  I didn't see any of the other sweaters, but I did see hers and it was definitely ugly.  I included a picture (its not the best quality, she sent it from her phone) of her ugly sweater so you can take a look and judge for yourself.  I hope she doesn't get mad I'm posting a picture, but I know she's having a great day today, so I'll take my chances.  She's competing in a Business Plan Competition today and her team is doing very well.  She'll find out tonight if she wins.  Good luck Suzanna!

Anyways, back to my shopping trip to Goodwill, I went there wanting to find a lamp.  I had seen this lamp on Pinterest and wanted to make something similar for Parker's superhero room.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find who created the lamp I found on Pinterest, so I can't give them credit, but I wish I could.  I would love to give them credit, it's such a cute idea.  Goodwill had a few lamp options, and I found a basic, white lamp base that would work perfectly for my project.  It could use a little love and it was only $2.99.  While I was looking at the lamps, I glanced over to the kids section and saw a Spider-man toy on the top shelf.  I immediately went over and grabbed it.  It looked brand new and perfect for P's room.  It still had the "try me" sticker on it and it was also only $2.99.  Score!  Superhero toys are expensive when you are buying them brand new, so this was a great find.  I took my two items and checked out with my gift card.  There was a little boy standing in line behind me eyeing that Spider-man.  I still have $14 left, so I'll be heading back sometime soon.


Superhero lamp

Ugly Christmas Sweater

 Steps for Superhero lamp:
1.  Wipe down lamp base.
2.  Tape off cord and socket with painters tape.
3.  Spray paint lamp base.  I four light even coats of red glossy spray paint.
4.  Let dry and remove tape.
5.  Take a white lamp shade and sketch a skyline with chalk.
6.  Trace chalk with a black permanent marker and add windows or whatever designs you would like to your skyscrapers.
7.  Attach shade to base, plug in and turn on.

White lamp base


Glossy red spray paint

Basic white lampshade 

lamp shade, with chalk skyline

Superhero lamp

Parker was super excited about his new Spider-man toy!  Watch the video below to see what Spider-man does when you press the "try me" button.



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Happy Champagne Thursday!