Thursday, October 3, 2013

Raising Awareness: A Story of Inspiration

This isn't one of my usual posts, but I wanted to share this inspiring story. Heather contacted me and asked if I would share her story with my blog readers. So please take a minute to read and watch Heather's story.
Heather is a wife, mother and a mesothelioma survivor.  When her daughter was 3 ½ months old, she was diagnosed with this rare and deadly cancer, and given 15 months to live.  Heather's prognosis was grim but she knew that she needed to beat the odds for her newborn daughter, Lily.  
Mesothelioma is a rare cancer that occurs in the thin layer of tissue that covers the majority of your internal organs.  Mesothelioma is an aggressive and deadly form of cancer. Mesothelioma treatments are available, but for many people with mesothelioma, a cure is not possible.
An individual may be at risk to develop mesothelioma if he or she was exposed to asbestos in the workplace or at home. Mesothelioma is caused by exposure to asbestos and the inhalation of asbestos particles. In most cases, mesothelioma symptoms will not appear in an individual exposed to asbestos until many years after the exposure has occurred.

Heather is using her personal story to help raise awareness for this little known cancer, and to provide a sense of hope for others facing life’s difficult challenges.
I clung on to hope throughout my whole journey with mesothelioma. When you have hope, it makes the battle easier.  I want people to be inspired by me, I want to make them fight; give them something to hold on to when all else fails. That is why I do it.  If I inspire one person, I've done my job. - Heather
Here is a video of Heather's story.  Please take a few minutes to watch.
Cheers to Heather and everything she is doing to make a difference!
Happy Champagne Thursday!

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