Thursday, September 26, 2013

Candy Corn Jars

Fall is officially here!  I turned my heat on this morning.  I was really hoping to wait until October, but I was freezing and I caved.  Once the weather gets cooler I start getting in the mood for Halloween.  The boys and I got our Halloween decorations out the other day.  I saw these cute candy corn jars on Pinterest and thought they would be a fun and easy Halloween project.  Plus, I had everything I needed already, so it made it even easier.  Keeping a stockpile of jars pays off sometimes.

Candy Corn Jars

What you'll need:

  • Small Jars or Vases
  • Orange, Yellow and White Balloons
  • Scissors
  • Battery Operated Candles or tea lights (optional)

  1. Cut the skinny tops off each balloon and cut the bottoms off your top two colors.  I used orange on the bottom, but after buying candy corn, I see orange is in the middle.  Oops!
  2. Start with the white balloon at the top and pull it over the jar. Then work your way down with the yellow and orange, overlapping the balloons slightly.  I went to the top of the jar, but you could start below the lip of the jar.  The bottom balloon, in my case the orange balloon, covers the entire bottom of the jar.  
  3. Add a battery operated candle for some Halloween ambiance or you can use real tea lights if you didn't cover the top of the jar with balloons.  

If you are having a Halloween party, these would be really cute as utensil holders.

Happy Champagne Thursday!


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