Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentinesque Centerpiece

I wanted a little Valentine's Day decor out, but didn't want anything too cheesy, so I created this quick centerpiece.  I gathered all my red vases, I had around the house and spray painted a few bottles to create this Valentinesque centerpiece.  Occasionally, I save our empty glass bottles of varying sizes and shapes to create a stockpile for projects like this.  This time I included a plastic creamer bottle to the mix.  I spray painted the bottles red, light pink and white.  You might notice there isn't any white bottles in the pictures, that's because they didn't turn out.  It was probably a combination of using cheap spray paint and the freezing temperature in our garage, that caused the white bottles not to turn out.  I used Krylon spray paint in ballet slipper pink and cherry red and those turned out pretty good, even with the cold temperature in the garage.  I think its a fun centerpiece and I like the red and pink together.



Happy Champagne Thursday!


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  1. You always have the cutest decorating ideas and I'm inspired -- just need the time to do them...