Thursday, July 26, 2012

Poppin Bottles

We spent the majority of the week, of the fourth of July, up at my family's cabin on Flathead Lake and we were able to enjoy a few bottles of bubbly while we were there.

One of my favorite places
We tried out this Cordless Wine Chiller while we were at the lake, although we used it while it was plugged in.  It worked well, but I can't really imagine needing to use it as a cordless wine chiller.  It's sort of big to be hauling anywhere to chill wine, plus you need water and ice.  I think this wine chiller would be perfect for a bottle you pick up on your way home, that isn't cold yet.  I've been known to send Chris to the store on a Thursday after work for a bottle of champagne and your options for chilled champagne or wine can be very limited.  It's a quick and easy way to chill a bottle of wine or champagne.  It can chill a bottle of champagne in fifteen minutes, a bottle of white wine in ten minutes and a bottle of red in eight minutes (I think). 

Cordless Wine Chiller

Wine Chiller in action

Here's a couple of the bottles of bubbly we enjoyed by while sitting next to the campfire, looking out onto the lake. The DVX was my favorite of the week and also the most expensive.  Imagine that.  

DVX Mumm

Sadly, we didn't get to try this bottle of Cristal.  Maybe, someday...

Check out these fun, stainless steel wine glasses my aunt brought up to the lake.  Perfect for enjoying a glass of wine or cocktail outside.  

Outdoor wine glasses



Bubbly on the beach

And in case you are wondering what to do with your old Dom Perignon boxes, you can always re-purpose them and use them as fireworks storage.  What, that's not the first thing you thought of?  Yeah, me neither.  Only my dad :)

I hope to post some non-bubbly related pictures of our trip to the lake soon.

Happy Champagne Thursday!


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