Thursday, May 30, 2013

School's Out For Summer

Today is Parker's last day of school!  The past couple years Parker has gone to school during the Summer, but we are taking a break this Summer.  Hopefully we both survive.  We have lots of fun things planned for the Summer, so we will stay busy.

Check out Parker's first day of school pictures here.  I just realized Parker is pretty much wearing the opposite of what he wore on the first day of school.

Parker will be attending a couple Summer camps and hopefully some swim lessons to break up being at home with mom all Summer.  He is also planning to spend a few days with my aunt.  She has more energy than anyone I know.  They will keep each other busy and have lots of fun together!  

We're going to go to a couple of the Summer Kid Series Movies that Carmike Cinemas offers.  $4 includes movie admission, kid's tray with popcorn, drink and snack.  Regal movie theaters offer a Summer kid series too with $1 admission.  It will be a fun break if we have a super hot day or a rainy day.

We also plan on going to the lake a few times, checking everything off Parker's Summer Bucket List, play groups, the list goes on...  It always seems like there is so much to do during the Summer and never enough time. 

My Goofball

Here's to enjoying Summer!

Happy Champagne Thursday!


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