Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thrift Shopping

The boys and I went Thrift Shopping a few weeks ago and found a couple great chairs to add around our  white pedestal table.  Thanks to my sister I still had money left on my Goodwill gift card, so I didn't pay a dime for the chairs.  Score!  But for anyone wondering, each chair was priced at $4.99.  Chris and I bought almost identical chairs at Target a couple years ago for his office, so I was stoked when I found these at Goodwill.  

Anyone else enjoying the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis song Thrift Shop?  I think it's hilarious!  The boys and I have fun rocking out to it!

The chairs were a little scratched up, but nothing a little sanding and paint wouldn't take care of.  After a little deliberating about the color I decided to go with a bright green color.  I love using bright accents in our house like my pink desk and Parker's yellow dresser.  And the green is just in time for St. Patrick's Day!

Steps for transforming chairs:
1. Lightly sand the chairs.  I used 220 grit sandpaper.
2. Wipe down chairs
3.  Remove legs of chairs.  It probably would have made more sense to remove the legs first, but the bottoms of the chairs didn't need too much sanding.
4.  Two coats of primer.  I used Valspar's Interior Latex multi-purpose Primer.  It works well on glossy surfaces and doesn't require sanding before, even though I did.
5.  Paint chairs.  I bought a Valspar paint sample for $3 in the color Parakeet Green.  The lady who mixed the paint for me responded "Whoa, this is bright" when I gave her the paint sample I want.  I don't think she liked my color choice.  I call the color Rody green (picture below) because its a fairly close match to Park & Ryde's Rody who lives in the room with the new chairs.  It took four coats of paint, which I wasn't really expecting but what are you going to do.  I almost used the entire sample of paint.  It was kind of a long process because I could only paint one side of the chairs at a time, then I had to wait for them to dry, flip the chair over and paint the other side and repeat four times.  The actual painting didn't take too long it was the waiting for the paint to dry in between coats that took so long.
6.  Two coats of Minwax Polycrylic in clear gloss for a protective finish.  
7.  Reattach chair legs.  A little tip for anyone doing a similar project, keep all the pieces together separately for each chair or piece of furniture.  I kept all the legs together since they were the same chairs and ended up putting one set of legs from each of the chairs on and it was very wobbly, so I had to remove the legs and figure out which legs belonged with each chair.  It would have saved me a lot of time if I would have kept pieces together separately.  
8.  Enjoy chairs!

I only spent $3 on this project, because I used a gift card to buy the chairs and I had everything else I needed except for the paint.  

I love how the chairs turned out and how they look in the room.  Plus it's nice to have a couple chairs around the table, you know just in case we ever want to sit at the table.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Rody Green

Happy Champagne Thursday!


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