Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dresser Makeover

I finished Parker's dresser!  It only took me ten months, but I did it.  Yay!  I bought his dresser on Craigslist, on November 10th last year.  The only reason I remember the exact date is because it was the day before Ryder was born.  I bought it with only seeing a picture online and the sellers delivered it to me for a total of $45.  In all honesty if I would have gone to look at it, I probably would not have bought it, the dresser is part laminate and that wasn't what I was looking for.  But, at nine months pregnant I didn't feel like dealing with it, so I kept it.  Then life happened, things were crazy and the dresser was serving its purpose and it sat unpainted and neglected for 10 months until I finally got around to painting it Parker's favorite color, yellow.  Well it was Parker's favorite color when I bought the paint, now I'm not really sure, it seems to change daily.  I think the yellow goes perfectly with his superhero room though!

Supplies for painting Laminate:
- Lacquer Thinner
- Bonding Primer
- Latex or Plastic Paint
- Polycrylic Protective Finish
- Paint Brush

- Wipe surface with lacquer thinner to remove any oil and grease and to open the pores of the laminate, making it more receptive to paint.
- Apply a couple coats of bonding primer.  The bonding primer is designed for slick, shiny surfaces, like laminate.
- Apply paint coats, allowing to dry between coats.  The amount of coats will depend on the color.  I applied six coats!  Yellow is always hard to paint.  I found the paint at Walmart and it had been returned or was the color for someone else, so it was only $8.  Score for me!  I had planned on painting it yellow and randomly found the returned paint, so it made choosing a shade of yellow very easy.  It saved me a lot of time going through paint samples.  The color is called Buttercup and I love it!
- I chose to apply a couple coats of a polycrylic protective finish, because it was going in a 3 1/2 year old's room.  Let's face it, little boys can be a rough and any added protection is plus!
- Let dry thoroughly.  I let mine dry and set for a good five days, before applying new hardware and putting it in Parker's room.  The top knobs I already owned from a previous project and the pulls I found on Amazon.  I like the pop of black on the buttercup yellow.

I only have one before picture and its not a very good one.  I deliberately never took pictures of it before, because I thought the dresser was ugly, so it was hard to even find one picture.  I took quite a few pictures of the process, but they somehow got deleted or they are lost on my computer somewhere.  I've spent too much time looking for them and I gave up.  So, I apologize for the lack of before and progress pictures.



New black hardware

My little helper

Happy Champagne Thursday!



  1. Thank you so much for your thorough description. I am going to finish 2 nightstands similar in style to your before pics. I want mine to be a certain color of red, and hope I can find a good lacquer color. You painted with brushes? Or sprayed?

  2. Hi Janet! I used a foam roller with the primer and the a brush for the rest. Hope your nightstands turn out well!