Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Last Winter my mom gave me a small desk, that had been sitting in her garage for quite a while.  Then it sat in my garage for about 6 months, until I got around to doing something with it.  The desk belonged to my Grandma and her sister when they were growing up.  I think its pretty cool that it can now live with me and my fam.

I had a hard time deciding what color I wanted to paint the desk.  Its going to live in our guest bedroom for now and that room has a lot of turquoise/aqua in it, so the new color had to go with that.  My initial thought was to paint it hot pink, but after getting a disgusted face from my sister when I told her, I went with a mint green color.  The mint green was a pretty color, but it wasn't bright enough and I didn't like how it looked when I put the desk in the guest bedroom.  So, I went back to my original color choose and painted it Valspar's Cosmic Pink.  I love it and think its really fun!  I really like the pink and aqua together.  Plus, I figure if I'm going to be living with three boys I need a little pink in my life :)

1. Removed knobs and drawers
2. Sanded desk and drawers
3. Wiped off desk and cleaned out drawers
4. One coat of Primer
5. Two coats of mint green with my paint sprayer
6. Changed my mind and painted it two coats of Valspar's Cosmic Pink with my paint sprayer
7. Added black knobs that I already had

The paint sprayer worked great, especially on the chair, with the spindles and legs.


Sanded and ready to paint

Mint Green

Cosmic Pink

The finished product


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  1. Love it! Such a pretty shade of pink.

  2. Ph I love it in that pink! The black knobs are perfect! Thanks for sharing at Inspiration Friday :)