Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easter Ideas

Easter is coming up quickly.  Only 10 more days!  Are you ready?  I'm not, but I'm getting there.  Here are some ideas for filling eggs and baskets.

Park & Ryde
Easter 2012

Alternatives for traditional Easter Baskets
I like using "baskets" that you can reuse for something else

- Folding Storage Bins or any bin or basket you can reuse for toy storage, etc.

- Dump Truck and fill the back of it with Easter goodies

- Bucket with toys for the sandbox 

- Planter with seeds, little shovel and watering can

- Colorful Mixing Bowl with kids cookbook, measuring cups, wooden spoons, etc.

- New Lunch Box filled with goodies

Suitcase - Perfect if you will be going on vacation this Summer or Spring Break - Fill it with a new outfit, book, sunglasses, etc.

Basket Fillers

The Easter baskets I put together are mostly geared towards nice weather and  spending time outside.  

- Sunglasses

- Summer Outfit
- Sandals or Water Shoes
- Bathing Suit 
- Hat
- Card Games
- Stuffed Animals
- Book or Magazine
- Hair Accessories
- Any sort of Ball
- Matchbox cars, trains
- Play-doh
- Bubbles
- Chalk - Crayola is my favorite

- Kite
- Watch
- Water Bottle or Sippy Cup
- Flash Cards
- Magnifying Glass
- Bug Catcher or Butterfly Net
- Beach Towel
- Baby Doll
- Instruments - Maracas, Harmonica, Tamborine, etc.
- Markers, Crayons, Coloring Books
- Outdoor Toys, Water Toys, Sandbox Toys
- Flashlights

- Glow Sticks
- Dress Up Clothes 
- Favorite Snack
- Jewelry
- Nail Polish
- Magna Doodle - Ryder is getting one of these in his basket this year.  We always have a magna doodle in the car and right now the boys fight over who gets to play with it in the car.  So, soon they will both have one.

- Legos
- Bath toys
- Rain Boots
- Blocks
- Umbrella

I'm a fan of the dollar section at Target

Easter Egg Fillers

- Candy
- Bouncy Balls

- Tattoos

- Stickers
- Money
- Fruit Snacks
- Small boxes of Yogurt Covered Raisins
- Coupons - 'Stay up an extra 15 minutes', 'Go out for a treat', 'Go the the park', 'extra 15 minutes of tv' 
- Legos - If you have one kid you are doing an Egg Hunt for, you could get a small Lego kit and split the pieces up between the eggs and include the directions or a picture of the what you are suppose to make with the pieces.

- Puzzle Pieces - Split up puzzle pieces between the eggs
- Small Cars
- Stamps
- Ear Phones

- Mini Bottle of Bubbles
- Plastic Animals
- Marbles
- Hair Accessories

- Jewelry
- Fun socks
- Bath Squirties

*Almost everything you put in an Easter Egg is a choking hazard

Happy Champagne Thursday!


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