Thursday, August 30, 2012

Family Pictures

We had Parker's Meet the Teacher Night at his school on Tuesday and we were asked to bring in a family picture that they could display.  We hardly have any family pictures, the couple that we do have are after Ryder was born and I didn't really want those displayed at school, plus Ryder has changed so much since then.  It was time for a new family picture.  When we were up at the lake a couple weeks ago, we took advantage of the beautiful backdrop and took a few family pictures.  My brother and sister were also at the lake, so we took a few of all of us for a birthday present for my mom.  Parker and Ryder's aunt and uncle are pretty good at making them laugh and smile so we could get a few happy pictures.

I set up our camera on our tripod and my dad snapped some pictures.  For anyone who is interested, we have a Nikon D60 SLR that we got before Parker was born and it takes great pictures.  I have been very happy with it.  I recently ordered a remote for our camera to make it easier to take family pictures in the future, just in case no one else is around.  I usually use Google Picasa when I edit my pictures.  It's very user friendly, anyone could use it.

Here are a few of my favorites that we got.  By the way Parker is standing on a milk crate, he isn't as tall as he appears in the pictures.  I wish I would have gotten a few of just the boys, but the goal of this shoot was a family picture and Parker was ready to go fishing or in the paddle boat after we were done.  I didn't want to press my luck.

Family Squeeze

This one would have been good, except for the fact that the tops of Marcus and Chris' heads were cut off.  Guess I should have checked the view finder of the camera once we all got in the shot.


Happy Champagne Thursday!


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  1. These pictures are so good! Definite good material for Christmas cards. Go Melissa! Thanks!