Monday, August 6, 2012

Calming Jar

When I saw this Calming Jar on Pinterest, I knew I needed to make one for Parker.  I need all the help and ideas I can get with that kid.  Parker's got some lungs on him and he's not afraid to use them.  It can take him quite a while to calm down.  I thought a calming jar might help distract him and focus on something other than screaming.  We've only had to use it once since I made it, but it did seem to help and he calmed down fairly quickly.

Calming Jar Instructions

What you will need:
Clear Jar
Clear Elmer's Glue
Hot Water
Food Coloring
Super Glue

Find a jar.  I used a glass one, but a plastic one would probably work better, since its purpose to is to calm down kids who are having a tantrum.  Mix 1 tablespoon clear Elmer's glue (I estimated), with every cup of hot water.  Add a couple drops of food coloring.  You don't need too much, you don't want the water too dark.  Then add glitter.  Since glitter can be considered a little girly, I used blue and green to make it a little more boy friendly.  After I was done, I super glued the lid on.  

Don't leave your child unattended with the calming jar, especially if you use a glass jar.  I put it up on a table where Parker could sit on the floor and watch it.  

I also recommend the calming jar for adults along with a glass of wine.



  1. I would put it in a plastic water bottle. I only know from doing this with bailey

  2. Maybe I should make one of these for my office......more for me than the kids ;)