Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Busy Little 9 Month Old

Where does the time go?  I think I say that every month, but time is flying by.  Ryder is now 9 months old!  He gets faster and faster everyday. 

Ryder's monthly stats, facts and favorite things:
- Busy busy busy
- 28 inches - 40th percentile
- 17 pounds 7 ounces - 6th percentile
- He needs to start packing on some pounds.  He doesn't ever stop moving, so it makes it hard to gain weight.  Time for some protein.  
- Ryder still doesn't nap very well, but he seems to be making a little progress.  It's a good day if he naps for over one hour, with his two naps combined.  Ryder had his well child check up today and the doctor didn't seem concerned at all.  
- Pulls himself up on everything
- Starting to crawl stairs (as long as mom or dad is right there)
- Crawling under beds, tables, high chairs, etc.
- Getting into mom's plants (Mom needs to move these)
- Loves Puffs and Cheerios
- Giving high fives
- 3rd tooth
- First baseball game - Missoula Osprey vs. Helena Brewers (Helena won)
- Not a fan of the road trips.  We made a couple road trips in the last month and he is not happy after 30-45 minutes of being in the car.  Makes things a little stressful for mom and dad.  
- He loves the park!  We usually go to the park in the mornings before it gets too hot and sometimes again after dinner.  As soon as he spots the park, he starts kicking his feet, clapping, laughing or pulling himself up in his stroller like he wants to jump out.  He likes to swing and has recently started climbing the slide.
- Likes to pull books off shelf but doesn't really enjoy reading quite yet.  
- Likes to close doors
- First and Second time to the Fair, both in Helena and Missoula
- Loves the water and splashing


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