Thursday, January 10, 2013

Re-purposed Candle Jar

If you are like me you may have candles that are almost gone or that are empty sitting around your house.  Don't throw them out.  Re-purpose them!  I love the candles and jars from Bath and Body Works.  The jars the candles come in are classic and simple and can be easily re-purposed for many different things.

How to remove candle wax from a glass jar and re-purpose
1.  After you have burned all you can from the candle, put the jar in the freezer for a couple hours or longer
2.  Remove from freezer and the wax should easily come out.  I used a butter knife around the edges and was able to get the wax out in a few pieces, in about 30 seconds.  I pried the wicks off the bottom with the butter knife too.
3.  Remove the labels.  The labels from Bath and Body Works candles peel off very easily and I was able to get the big sticker on the bottom off with a little hot water.  Just a little tip, don't put the cold jar into hot water, it could break from the extreme temperature change.  I was able to remove all the labels within a few minutes.
4.  Wash your jar.  I always hand wash mine and put it through the dishwasher.
5.  Fill with almost anything.  The only thing I wouldn't recommend putting in there is food, just because of what was in there before.  I filled mine with bath salts, q-tips, gauze pads and hair ties, bobby pins, etc.

I think the jars look pretty good on my bathroom shelf, don't you?

Happy Champagne Thursday!



  1. SUCH a great idea! I can think of three of those exact candles sitting around in my house at this moment!

  2. Thanks Alisa! I love those candles, I have quite a few around my house too!