Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cheers to Year Six

Chris and I are celebrating six years of marriage today! 

Here's a fun little poem I wrote for him!

What a year
It was sure full of cheer

I am grateful for you
and all that you do

I've never been more happy
I don't want to make this too sappy

Our favorite game is Catan
You are my number one man

We enjoy our Champagne
That one we like, starts with Domaine

This year we made a lot of toasts
I even took a picture of a ghost

You make life so much fun
We sure enjoy our time in the sun

You do all that it takes
We had an awesome time at a few different lakes

Thank you for all your support
Next week we have a date, in court

I love you more and more
and I'm so happy you do not snore

Hope this next year brings us good health
And it wouldn't hurt to have a little more wealth

Husband and wife
Best friends for life

Save your best for your spouse, no one deserves it more!

Cheers to Year Six!

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