Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ryder!

Wow, one whole year, twelve months of monthly photo shoots!  I did it!  I can't believe our little guy is one! It amazes me how quickly time goes by!

He had is year check-up this week and is weighing in at 18 lbs 5.6 ounces!  He's just a little guy!  His brother weighed more than he did when he was six months!  We took both boys in together for their yearly check-ups and they both got 4 shots!  Ouch!

I feel blessed to have such a happy little guy.  I can't even tell you how many times people have commented on how happy Ryder is.  "Is he this happy all the time?"

First Halloween - He dressed up as a monkey.  We re-used the costume Parker wore on his first Halloween.  He stayed warm and cozy in the stroller while his brother got lots of candy trick-or-treating around our neighborhood.

We recently joined the Play Network in Missoula and have gotten to go on a few fun field trips:  Apple Pressing, a tour of local bread company and trick-or-treating at an assisted living home.  Ryder was in heaven at Great Harvest Bread!  He loves bread and he got to try some samples there.

Walking - I'm not sure if I would officially call him a walker, but he can walk across a room.  He is getting better and better each day.

Climbing - Ryder is a climber!  He climbs or tries to climb on everything!  I had to move Parker's little table and chair set into another room, because Ryder would climb up onto the chair and stand on top of it.  It made me a little nervous, especially on the tile floor.

Snap - Yes, my one year old can snap!  I'm pretty amazed!  He's been making the snapping hand motion for a little while now, but now he makes the snapping sound.  Parker can't even snap yet.

Ryder makes us laugh everyday!  He sticks his tongue out at us and has started shaking his head no.  Both things that are only funny when a baby does them :)

Happy 1st Birthday, Ryder Norman!  We love you so much!  Thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives!

Happy Champagne Thursday!


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