Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hawaiian Nursery

Last week I posted about Parker's superhero room, this week its Ryder's turn.  Since he'll be eleven months tomorrow, I think I'm about done with his room too.  I originally posted about Ryder's room here and here, but have changed it up a bit and added a few special touches.  Hawaii holds a special place in our hearts, since Chris and I were married in Maui, so a Hawaiian themed baby's room was perfect for us.

Ryder's room is fairly small but it is big enough for everything he needs, plus a little more.

Can you spot the baby?
Do yourself a favor and play this song, while you scroll through the pictures.  I love this song and it always reminds me of Hawaii.  Park and Ryde love it too!

This cozy corner includes a comfy rocker-glider chair and ottoman, boppy, book shelf filled with books, lamp, mini globe, Oh, the Places You'll Go canvas I made, chalkboard I made and a couple toys.  I've spent countless hours in that chair, nursing and reading to both my boys.  

What my view usually looks like

Ryder has a dresser/changing table, which is perfect for his small room.  It has a changing pad, diaper organizer and a basket full of distractions to try and keep Ryder from squirming when he is getting his diaper changed.  The wooden sign above the dresser I found in the clearance section of Pottery Barn Kids for $14.  It could be easy DIY project though.

Chris and I made the surf board above the crib.  It was one of our very first DIY projects, that we made before Parker was born and pre-blog.  I love it!

The corner shelf is from Pier 1.  I found it at a garage sale quite a while ago for $9, it was brand new and still in the box.  Score!  The picture on the top shelf is of my great-grandpa, Parker and Ryder's great-great-grandpa riding his Indian motorcycle.  That's where Ryder got his middle name Norman from.  I figured Ryder needed an eleven somewhere in his room, since he was born on 11-11-11.  I bought a couple wooden 'I' letters from Michaels, painted them yellow and attached them to the wall with some 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips.  For some reason the numbers were twice as much as the letters and the 'I' letter looked like a '1' to me, so that's what I got.  The curtains are the same navy blackout curtains that Parker has in his room.  They work great, especially in the morning, since both the boys bedrooms are on the east side of the house.

Lucky #11

We bought these CribWraps from Amazon when Parker was teething, because he decided it would be a good idea teethe on his crib.  He left quite a few of his teeth marks in the crib before we got these bad boys on there.  This time I was prepared when Ryder started teething.  The Hawaiian bedding, crib bumper and quilt (on back of chair) are from Pottery Barn and I got them before Parker was born.  

I love all the bright colors in Ryder's room.  It's a happy place for a happy boy!


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