Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mirror to Chalkboard

After seeing so many great ideas on Pinterest, I had been wanting to make a chalkboard, to take Parker's and baby boy #2's "First Day of School" pictures with, to document the year in school.  When I was at a garage sale a few weeks ago, I found an old mirror, that I thought would work perfectly.  Plus, it was only a $1, can't beat that!

After I brought it home, I sanded the frame (it was a little dinged up) and cleaned up the mirror.  Then, I sprayed two coats of Krylon's Chalkboard Spray Paint.  I didn't worry about covering up the frame, while I sprayed the chalkboard paint, since I knew I would be painting it.  After letting the paint dry for 24 hours, I taped up the edges of the mirror chalkboard and painted the frame with a few coats of some red craft paint.  Then, I removed the tape and let the red paint dry and ended up with a fun new chalkboard.  I had all the supplies, except the mirror, so the whole project only cost $1!  Gotta love cheap projects!

Old Mirror

Chalkboard Spray Paint


Parker's First Day of Preschool Picture
Happy Champagne Thursday!


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