Thursday, October 11, 2012

I'm Cute and I Know It

Ryder is eleven months old today!  Lucky number 11!  For those of you who don't know, Ryder was born on 11-11-11, so I have decided 11 is his lucky number.

What this little guy has been up to the last month:

First Wedding - Ryder attended his first wedding!  Our friends Kathryn and Brian were married in York, MT.  It was a beautiful wedding, with a stunning bride, great music, delicious food and wonderful people!

Stairs - He is getting faster and faster going up the stairs and has figured out how to go down the stairs.

Teeth - He hasn't gotten any new teeth the past couple months, but he sure knows how to use the four he has.  He started grinding his teeth too!  This is quite possibly one of the worst sounds ever!  Parker did this too when he was little.  Do a lot of other babies do this too?  Or are my kids just trying to torture me?

First Black Eye - Ryder decided to throw himself on our tile floor, during one of his tantrums and got a bump on his head and black eye.  I freaked out a little, but luckily he was alright.  Side note, Parker fell off one of our chairs in the kitchen, hit the tile floor pretty hard and ended up with a pretty good bruise on the side of his face.  Boys 0 - Tile Floor 2  Sometimes I think I should make them wear helmets all the time.

Throwing Things - He loves to throw things and frequently throws his toys in the garbage in his room or in the laundry basket.  I have to check his garbage for toys before I empty it.

Peek-a-boo - Ryder recently started playing peek-a-boo and he thinks he's pretty darn funny!

Foods - He's already tired of Cheerios and he now loves toast.  He could eat a piece of toast with every meal.  Ryder prefers feeding himself, rather than us feeding him.

Words - Ryder says "dada" all the time and occasionally makes the "mama" sound.  I'm not going to lie, I wish he said mama all the time.  He does spend the majority of his time with me.

Corn Maze - He went to his first and second corn mazes, once in Helena and once in Missoula.  Ryder enjoyed grabbing and picking the corn leaves, while getting a ride in the backpack from his dad.

Busy, Busy, Busy - He is always on the move and never stops, except for when he's sleeping.  He pushes his riding toy/car all over, along with whatever else he can pull himself up on and push around.  He loves the park and now likes to climb on the playground equipment and go down the slide on his belly.  He tries to do everything the bigger kids are doing.

He wasn't really cooperating for our photo shoot today, but I still managed to get a few cute pictures.

I'm Cute and I Know It

Happy Champagne Thursday!


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