Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our Happy 10 Month Old

Ryder is 10 months old today!

What he's been up to the past month:

Sleep:  Ryder is sleeping through night and taking better naps!  Yay, this makes mom so happy!  He sleeps from about 7:30 PM - 7:00 AM, then a little over an hour morning nap and about a 45 minute afternoon nap. This is such a big improvement from his two fifteen minutes naps.

Food:  He wants to try whatever I am eating, he grabs my hand with food and puts it in his mouth.  I can't hold him and eat anything unless I'm willing to share.  He seems to like feeding himself best.

Stairs:  Ryder is getting very good at climbing the stairs and crawls over to them if the baby gate is left open.  He likes to stand at the gate at the top of the stairs and look down and also enjoys throwing toys down the stairs.

Moving:  He pulls himself up on anything and everything and walks while holding onto things.  He walks while pushing his toy car.  He attempts to stand on his own for a second or two when he lets go of things.

Sounds:  Ryder has been making a lot more sounds lately.  He'll say "mama" but its usually when he's crying and upset.  He starting to say "da da" and what sounds like "hi".  He says "ba ba ba ba", "ahhh" all the time and various other sounds.

He continues to get into everything.  We've had to do a little more baby proofing than we did with Parker, including securing furniture to the walls.  He likes to pull himself up on his book shelf, shake it and watch the lamp on top move.

Ryder got to go on his first and second boat ride on Grandpa Ron's boat on Flathead lake.  He was pretty content, although I don't think he was a big fan of his life jacket, it made things a little harder to move around.  He even enjoyed a nice little nap on the boat.

He's going through a biting phase right now and I hope it is very short lived.  He's got four sharp little teeth.

Ryder loves to throw things, as seen in one of the pictures below.  He'll throw something, then crawl after it, throw it again and do it repeatedly.  It's pretty funny and entertaining.

Enjoy the pictures from his 10 month photo shoot.  Hope they bring a smile to your face!  He sure brings a lot of smiles to mine.


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