Thursday, September 13, 2012

Multipurpose Play Table

Parker had a Thomas the Train table that was great, but it only had one purpose, to play trains.   Parker has accumulated quite a few toys over his 46 months and with the addition of his little brothers toys, we have more toys than we know what to do with.  I wanted to move some of Parker's downstairs toys upstairs to his bedroom.  His train table took up a lot of space for one activity, so I converted the train table into a multipurpose play table.  

The train tracks were glued to the table, so I removed them and brought the table top out to my garage to paint.  I painted the under side of the train table a navy blue, to better match Parker's superhero room and so he could play with more toys.  I like things to match :)  I was thinking the table would be a good place for Parker to play with his toys with small pieces, like his marbles and play mobile toys, so they could be out of the way from his little brother.  Ryder started pulling up on things early, so we have to make sure all of the small toys are put away after Parker is done playing with them.  And what do you know, one of Ryder's favorite places to play is the 'train table'.  He crawls into his brothers room, pulls himself up and pushes cars or throws toys off the table.  

Even though we can't leave small toys out, it's still a great place to play and now we can play with a lot more than just trains.  And now it matches his room a little better.

Trains, cars, legos, marbles, play mobile toys....

Happy Champagne Thursday!


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