Thursday, April 12, 2012

Super Parker Table

I've been busy working on superhero projects for Parker's room.  I made him a Superman themed, "Super Parker", table for his room.  My sister moved away (sad face) about a month ago and left me with a couple side tables.  She got them for free when she bought a couch a while ago.  I thought one of them would be a perfect night stand for Parker's room.

I used the table that already had a coat of primer on it, to save me a little time.  I drew the logo on top, with pencil, I used a ruler for the outside of the logo, then free-handed the rest.  If I were to do it again, I wouldn't use a pencil.  It takes quite a few coats of paint to cover up pencil.  I painted the legs with my free sample of Valspar's Porcelain Red.  It took about five coats.  I used some other miscellaneous paints (picture below) I already had, for the blue, yellow and black.  Outlining the logo in black was an after thought, it makes the logo pop.  I think it was a good decision.  To complete the project, I sprayed it with some Krylon Clear Protective Spray, in a satin finish.

This project set me back zero dollars.  I love free projects!  Parker is loving his new superhero table!  He thinks its pretty cool.

Check out the superhero pillows I made for Parker's room here.

More Superhero projects coming soon.  Stay tuned.

Happy Champagne Thursday!


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