Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy 1/2 Birthday Ryder Roo!

I can't believe this cute little guy is a 1/2 year already!

Ryder's 6 months stats and fun facts

Weight: 16 lbs 8.8 oz
Height:  26 inches
Head Circumference:  43 cm

Slept through the night once.  He generally gets up once or twice a night.

Trying new foods:  sweet potatoes (his favorite), squash, pears, peas, blueberries

He prefers to be on belly.  He pretty much immediately rolls over to his tummy, when I lay him down on back.  He sleeps on his belly about half the time too.  Quite the opposite from his brother!

Loves, loves his brother!  There is no better sound than your two boys giggling and laughing together.

Working on sitting up.

Loves to put his toes in his mouth (see pictures).

He loves to be outside.  We've been taking lots of walks and going to the park quite a bit lately.  He got to enjoy his first Farmers Market this past weekend.

He is such a happy, easy going baby.  I'm a lucky mom!

What a serious 6 month old

Good thing I just had a bath

Working on sitting up

I love my Sophie

This picture makes me laugh

Cute profile

Blue eyes

Love his expression

His favorite pose
On his belly, arms in the air and feet kicking
Looks like he is swimming

Laughing at Grandma

Happy 1/2 Birthday Ryder Roo!
We love you!


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  1. So happy to have been with you on your 1/2 Birthday! You are such a Treasure!