Thursday, February 23, 2012

Superhero Pillows

What is Superheros?  That would be the correct answer if you were on Jeopardy and the question was "What is the new theme for Parker's bedroom?"  

I've been trying to come up with a theme for a while now and when I was at JoAnn Fabric the other day I found this superhero fabric, that I thought it would be fun for P's room.  Parker has been all about superheros and bad guys lately.  Not sure where he learned about the bad guys, must be preschool.  Boys!  I want to keep things fairly neutral in his room, with a few fun accents.  That way if he gets bored with superheros, I won't be too upset changing it.

I decided to make pillow cases to go over a couple throw pillows I already had.  It's nice to be able to re-use something, plus cases are much easier to take off and throw in the washing machine to clean.

The pillows I had were 17" x 17" and I used three pieces of fabric to make each case.  I used a solid color for the back of each pillow to tie them together and it was a little cheaper that way.

Front (Superhero Fabric)
18.5" x 18.5"

Back Pieces (Navy Fabric)
14" x 18.5"
11" x 18.5"

Batman & Superman Fabric
(Pretty much the only fabric that wasn't on sale)
I started with sewing a hem on one of the 18.5" sides, of each of the back pieces.  This is for the opening for the pillow.  I folded over about an inch of a fabric and sewed a 1/2" hem.

I obviously didn't iron the fabric very well after washing it
After sewing the hems, I was ready to sew the case together.  Place the front fabric piece facing up and then line up the two back pieces on top of it.  The back pieces should overlap by a few inches, making sure the pillow doesn't show at all.  Then pin fabric together and sew around the all sides.  I usually sew about 1/2" in, so the case should end up being about a 17.5" x 17.5".

Turn inside out and you should have a pillow case.  Insert pillow and enjoy!

Bam, Whap, Krack!

Stay tuned for more superhero projects I have planned!

Happy Champagne Thursday!


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