Thursday, April 26, 2012

Birth Announcement Prints

I'll take a little break from the superhero posts and share with you the birth announcement prints, I made for Parker and Ryder.  It's still a kid related post, but so is my life.  I got my inspiration for this project from Pinterest.  I created it in Photoshop, using the boys names, birth dates, weights, heights, time of births and birth places.  I bought a 2 pack of white, 11x14 frames and mats from Michaels and I had 8x10 prints, printed at Costco.

2 Pack of Frames - $4.19 (with 40% off coupon)
2 White Mats - $5.98
2 Prints - $2.98

Total - $13.15

Now, I need to find a place to hang them.  I have a bunch of other prints in white frames, that I would like to hang together.  All I need now is an empty wall.

A little way to remember those very special moments. 

Happy Champagne Thursday!



  1. These are awesome! I wonder if it is too late to do something like this for my own kids...even though they are 6 and 8. They ask me all the time what time they were born. :)