Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mission: Move Baby to Own Room

Step 1 of mission move Ryder to his own room was to install blackout curtains in his room, to make it as dark as possible.

There are not a ton of options for blackout curtains, at least not affordable ones.  So, after looking around a bit, I went with the exact same curtains Parker has in his room.  Eclipse curtains from Target, that are suppose to block 99% of light, reduce outside noise and save on heating and cooling costs.  I'm not sure if they block 99% of light, but they do block quite a bit.  I bought two panels for around $25.



A little tip if you don't like your curtains bunched up on the top, is to create tabs on the back.  I think it looks a little classier, than bunched up together.  All you have to do is cut slits in the outer layer, where you insert the curtain rod.  

The width of these panels is 42", so I cut six, 2" tabs and five, 6" tabs and slid the curtain rod under the 2" tabs.

DIY Hidden Back Tabs for Curtains

Step 2 was to put Ryder to bed in his room and see how he did.  We wanted to move him sooner, rather than later.  Even though it was so much easier on me, to reach over and grab him, feed him and put him back in the pack and play, when he was in our room.  Plus, he was only getting up once or twice a night, when he was in our room and I was thinking that was pretty good and wasn't sure I wanted to change anything.

Every time I had put him down for a nap in his room, he woke up 20 minutes later, so I was a little worried.  The first night we put him to bed in his room, he ended up back in our room around 12:30 AM.  He woke up 4 times in three hours and I wasn't ready for a night with absolutely no sleep, but I wanted to try again the next night.  The second night and every other night after, he has stayed in his room the whole night.  The first few nights were hard on me, because he was up 4-5 times.  We have a humidifier in his room too, because he gets stuffed up when he sleeps flat on his back.  When he was sleeping in our room, we had him propped up to help with the stuffiness, but now that he is in his own room he needs to sleep on his back.  He has been in his room for about a week and half and is doing pretty good.  We just started putting him to bed earlier, after Parker goes to bed, a little after 7:30.  He usually sleeps around 12 hours, getting up 2-3 times to eat.  He has had one night where he only got up once.  That was nice for mom!   I know its hard to believe (especially for Grandparents) but the more kids sleep, the more they sleep :)  It's nice to have a few kid free hours in the evening to spend with Chris.

Mission pretty much accomplished!  We're still working on a consistent nap schedule.

Now, all we have to do, is get him to sleep through the night.  Wish us luck!

Happy Champagne Thursday!


Sleep Tight!

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  1. Congratulations on the schedule! I can appreciate how nice it is!