Friday, March 9, 2012

Seeing Double

No, I didn't drink too much champagne last night.  My mom was in town for work this week, so we got take advantage of the hotel pool and take Ryder swimming for the first time.  Coincidentally, Ryder was about the same age Parker was when we took him swimming for the first time, so we got some similar shots.  

Ryder had fun swimming and splashing in the water!  He's a pretty easy going baby and loves his baths, so I figured he would like swimming.  He seemed a little cold after we got out of the pool, so I soaked a towel in the hot tub and wrapped it around him to warm him up.  

Parker & Ryder

Ryder & Parker

Flapping his arms trying to fly away

He really did seem to like the water, even if his face suggests otherwise


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