Monday, February 13, 2012

Fun Valentines

All these Valentine ideas came from where else, but Pinterest, with slight variations to make them our own.

This first set of Valentines were for the Grandparents and involved two cute boys and some paint.  We did hand prints for long distance hugs or at least we tried to.  Getting a hand print from a 3 month old is a little tricky, so we opted for some foot prints and tried to make them in the shape of a heart.  

The directions are for the long distance hugs are pretty self explanatory, but just in case...

Long Distance Hug Directions
1. Make hand prints
2. Cut out hand prints
3. Cut ribbon the length of the child's arm span
4. Trace the hand print on a separate sheet of paper and cut out
5. Tape ribbon on back of hand prints
6. Glue the blank hand print on the back of the actual hand print, to cover up tape
7. Personalize
8. Send out some long distant hugs!

Parker working hard on his Valentines

Long Distance Hug

Cute baby feet

This next batch is the Valentines we made for Parker's school.  I wanted to include some sort of little treat with the Valentines and everything at his school is suppose to be store bought, somewhat healthy and nut free.  I saw a cute idea with Swedish fish and decided I could use Goldfish instead (that was as healthy as I was getting).  His Valentines are fish bowls that say "Glad we swim in the same school".  These could easily be created on a computer and printed out, but I'm having a fight with my printer right now, plus homemade Valentines are more fun.  After making the fish bowl Valentines I put them in a Ziploc bag with a package of Goldfish.  It would have been a little cuter if the fish weren't in a separate package, but you gotta follow the rules of the school.

Fish bowls

Glad we Swim in the Same School Valentine

This last Valentine is the one I made for Chris.  I created it in Photoshop and had it printed at Costco, then glued it to some cardstock.  I thought it was pretty cute!


Hope everyone has a happy Valentine's day!


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  1. I received my long distance hug! Love the school Valentines!