Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Sparkling Cider Thursday!

Happy Sparkling Cider Thursday!  We will be replacing our Thursday night champagne for sparkling cider or some sort of sparkling mocktail for the next little while.  We are excited to announce, we are expecting baby #2 in November!

This is also the reason there hasn't been any posts lately.  I've had pretty bad morning sickness (all day sickness), but its slowly getting better.  I'm hoping to get back onto the blogging bandwagon soon.  And the weather is finally starting to warm up, so hopefully that will motivate me to get to work on some projects.

Guess who is excited to be a big brother?


Oh and check out my husbands new blog here.  It documents his 30 day experiments in business and life.

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  1. Big hugs to the new big brother (and his mom and dad ;) love you guys!