Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Choo Choo Parker's 2!

Parker turned 2 on Monday, but we celebrated on Saturday.  I can't believe my baby is two years old.  It has gone by so fast.  Here are a few pictures from the party...

I designed Parker's invitation in Photoshop and then had them printed at Costco.   There were two invitations on one 5x7 print, so I could cut them in half.  They ended up costing about 20 cents each, much cheaper than buying invitations.

P's birthday invitation. 

I made Parker's cupcake toppers with Thomas cardboard cutouts I found from Michaels.  All I needed was some red and blue card stock paper, toothpicks and some hot glue.  Then I used some of his train tracks and a couple of his trains to add a little extra.

Thomas Cupcakes!

(Notice P's Halloween costume on the table, made for good decoration)

Pretty sure we probably could have just given him balloons and he would have been happy.

Thanks for my new 4-Wheeler Grandpa!

Choo Choo I'm 2!

Listening to everyone singing Happy Birthday to him

This was right after Parker put out his candle with his fingers.  I think I scared him when I grabbed his hand to make sure he was ok.  He was fine and it was actually kind of funny.

Parker loved opening presents!  He wasn't too interested in what was inside, he just liked opening everything.

Opening his new golf clubs from his Uncle Marcus.
Chris was pretty excited about this present.

Getting some help from Thatcher

Had to go try out his new clubs.
What 2 year old doesn't need their own set of golf clubs?

Cheers to the Terrific Twos!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Parker! Sorry we missed it, but it loooks like you had a lot of fun! Chloe and Aason have the same 4wheeler....we'll have to arrange a group ride!