Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Best of Both Worlds

Tomorrow is Parker's first day of daycare, well first since we've been in Montana, he did go to daycare when we were in Seattle, but I don't think he remembers much of it.  I'm filling out all his paperwork and packing his little back pack with his diapers, wipes, extra pair of clothes, EpiPen and Benadryl, crossing my fingers that he will never need the EpiPen or Benadryl.  Parker is allergic to eggs, dog & cat saliva and some grasses.  Parker loves animals and its sad he can't play with any puppies, since they love to give kisses.  And food allergies are just plain scary!  We are hoping he outgrows all of his allergies.
Sidetracked a little...
I feel lucky I've gotten to stay home with Parker, but I want him to have more social interaction with other children.  He will go to daycare two days a week and be home with me the rest of the week, a perfect balance.  He'll still get lots of mommy time and lots of play time with new friends.  As for me, I will be spending more time working with Chris and possibly running an errand or two by myself :)  This will be a positive experience for both of us.  Just hoping for a smooth transition...

Me and my cute boy!

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