Thursday, November 21, 2013

Birthday Boys

November is always a busy month for us, the boys both have birthdays, Parker on the first and Ryder on the eleventh.  I feel like the first half of the month is a constant birthday celebration.  It's a lot of fun, but kind of exhausting.  Here's a quick recap of Parker and Ryder's birthday celebrations.

This year we started celebrating on Halloween, with bringing treats and goodie bags to Parker's school.  He doesn't go to school on Fridays so we celebrated at school a day early.

On Parker's actual birthday, we started the morning off with breakfast at Paul's Pancakes, with my parents and grandma.  They have the best pancakes!  Then we had a somewhat relaxing day, then we were off to the Top Hat for Family Friendly Friday and the Whiz Pops!  The Top Hat is a bar/restaurant in Missoula that offers family friendly bands on Fridays from 6-8.  The kids can run around and dance to the music and the parents can enjoy an adult beverage.  The Whiz Pops are so much fun!  I highly recommend them to any of my friends with young kids.

Dancing to the Whiz Pops

The next day we had a joint family birthday party for the boys.  I went with a surf theme this year, which is something I've always wanted to do, but since the boys' birthdays are in November it makes it kind of hard.  There friend party was at an indoor water park, so I figured I could go with the surf theme.  I tried not to go too overboard and used decorations from around the house, mostly from Ryder's room.  I was really trying not to stress myself out and did things as simple as possible.  I didn't even make them a cake or cupcakes, we just had ice cream.  It was excellent ice cream though, Big Dipper Ice Cream.

Decorations:  Surf boar and beach sign from Ryder's room.  Sand from our wedding in Hawaii and a ukulele we brought back for Parker when we were in Hawaii a few years ago.  I filled up red and blue balloons with water and froze them for our drink container.  It was something fun I saw on Pinterest and they lasted longer than ice cubes.  Then sunglasses for party favors and pictures!

Birthday Boys

Blowing out their candles in their ice cream

The following Thursday was their friend birthday party.  It was at an indoor water park that has a couple of water slides, a mini pool for the younger kids and a hot tub.  It was three hours long and I think I saw Parker for maybe 10 minutes while he eating dinner and cake.  They boys and all their friends had so much fun!  I put together fun sunglasses and swedish fish for the party favors.

Party Favors

On Ryder's actual birthday, we went to Paul's Pancakes for breakfast too!  Breakfast is Ryder's favorite meal!  He would eat cereal at every meal if I let him and he's always asking for pancakes, waffles and syrup. Then the boys and I went to our weekly Play Group and then home for lunch and naps.  After nap time we met up with dad and took the boys to a park downtown and to the carousel.  It was suprisingly nice outside that day.  Then we went out to dinner at MacKenzie River Pizza and home for left over cake.  We did the exact same thing for Parker's second birthday; park, carousel, pizza and home for cake.

Ryder loves balloons!

Make a wish!

After Ryder's birthday was over, I felt like I could start getting excited for the Holidays, my favorite time of year.  And I may have gotten my Christmas decorations out today.  In my defense, I had to get into our crawl space for a baby gate to loan to my brother (No it's not for a baby, it's for their new puppy.  He did just get engaged this week though.  Yay!) and getting into the crawl space is kind of a pain, so I figured I might as well get our Christmas decorations out too.  I haven't put them out yet though, but I probably will this weekend.

Happy Birthday to both my boys!  I can't believe how big you both are getting!

Happy Champagne Thursday!


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