Thursday, June 27, 2013

Moscow Mule Recipe

Have you tried a Moscow Mule yet?  If not, you should.  They are pretty tasty.  Find the recipe below.

And in case you are wondering where the Moscow Mule originated..."In 1941, in order to sell exotic "white whiskey" (a.k.a. vodka) and move a supply of ginger beer, liquor distributor John G. Martin and Jack Morgan, owner of the Cock 'n' Bull bar in Hollywood, created the Moscow Mule. To achieve the drink's signature strong "mule-kick" finish, be sure to use a quality naturally brewed ginger beer, like Fentiman's or Reed's."

Moscow Mule Recipe (Serves two)

3 ounces Lime Juice (2 limes)
3 ounces Vodka
12 ounces Ginger Beer (1 bottle)

Mix together and garnish with a sprig of mint and slice of lime. 

A lot of recipes include simple syrup, but I think it is sweet enough without it.  

I found the Ginger beer in the Natural/Organic section of Safeway.  And in case anyone was wondering, there is no alcohol in Ginger beer.  I was only made aware of this recently.  It is also caffeine and gluten free.  

It's a nice refreshing drink for Summer!  Typically these drinks are served in copper mugs, but I don't think its necessary.  I've tried them in both a copper mug and a regular glass and can't tell the difference.  But, I don't have a very sophisticated palate, so maybe that's why.  I'm sure some people can tell the difference.  I used stainless steel wine glasses for these, it was the closest thing I had to a copper cup. 

Happy Champagne Thursday!


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