Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Perfect Match

Today's post is all about collections. I've been collecting matchbooks since I was pretty young, probably around the age of 10.  I guess my parents trusted me, because I don't think I would like it if Parker and Ryder started collecting matches.  

It's getting harder and harder to find matches these days, but I guess that's a good thing, less people smoking.  So, now its more exciting when I find a place that has matches.  You have pretty good odds of finding matchbooks in Vegas, better odds than winning any money.  Chris always tries to find me matches when he is out of town.  What a guy!

Glacier National Park + Matches = Probably not the best idea

When was the last time you could get matches at Wendy's?

I remember I got these matches for Christmas one year, not your typical Christmas present.  They are pretty old.  Phone numbers with only 3 and 4 digits...

A few of my favorite restaurants I've collected matches from.  Ruth's Chris Steak House was Chris and I's favorite place for happy hour when we lived in Seattle.  We spent quite a few nights there before we had kids.  Mama's Fish House is a must for anyone traveling to Maui!  We've been to Spago a couple times in Maui and was delicious both times!  If you like sushi, RA Sushi in Vegas is a great!

What do you collect?  Wine, Pez dispensers, art, purses...?   Please share in the comments below.

Happy Champagne Thursday!


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  1. Love your match collection! Upon our travels of recent, I started collecting the Starbucks coffee mugs commemorating my favorite cities.