Thursday, February 21, 2013

Meet Stuart

Meet Stuart, the newest member of our family.  Parker got his first pet last night, a fantail goldfish named Stuart!

Parker and I are both allergic to cats and Parker is also allergic to dog saliva, something I hope he grows out of.  So, those animals are off the table for now.  Chris and I thought a goldfish was a reasonable first pet for Parker.  I really don't want some other little creature getting lost in our house, because I'm sure that would happen with two little boys.  And I can just picture myself finding some little creature in my bed or something.

I had every intention of just buying a bowl for the fish, but the guy told me that a freshwater tank would be best.  So, we bought a small 2 gallon tank, with a small filter.  I'm hoping we don't have to clean his tank too often with the filter.  I'm also hoping Stuart doesn't get too big.  I've read that these types of goldfish can get quite big and that they should have a 10-20 gallon tank.  Growing up I had a goldfish that lived for 7 years in a regular old bowl!

Parker is very excited about his new fish!  I think he'll do a great job taking care of Stuart.  Hopefully he won't feed him too much.  When he was getting ready this morning, Parker said "feed Stuart if he gets hungry while I am at school today."

Some of the other animals Parker asked for before we decide on a goldfish:  a dog, a cat, a whale, a frog, a turtle and a trout.  Silly kid!

A proud Parker and his new fish, Stuart

P checking out some of the other fish

Checking out each other


Stuarts new home

Happy Champagne Thursday!


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