Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sweet Seven Month Old

Our little guy is seven months old!  Ryder is such a sweet, happy baby!  We can't get enough of him!

7 Month Stats

- First time on an airplane and first time to Seattle.  We took Ryder to Seattle for a quick weekend trip and stayed with our good friends, Jesse and Katie.  He did so well on the plane, he was very interested in everything and pretty wiggly as usual.  A few people on our flights, commented that he was a very a good baby, which is always nice to hear.  And of course I got to change two dirty diapers in those teeny tiny airplane bathrooms.  Lucky me.

- Sitting up on his own.

- He's starting to move a little more everyday.  He turns in circles on his belly and does a little bit of an army crawl with one arm.  It's about time to bust out those baby gates again.

- Likes to sleep on his belly.  Turns over to his belly immediately, when I lay him down for his nap or bedtime.  I lowered his crib mattress last week, (his dad hasn't noticed yet, at least he hasn't said anything about it) because he was looking a little too close to the top of the crib, when he would lift his little head up.  He throws mini baby tantrums in his crib, he puts his head in the mattress and kicks his feet.  I think its kind of funny.

- Ryder's making more sounds.  His newest sound is "ba ba ba."  We love to hear him talk and he is usually pretty vocal when we are changing his diaper.

- Still not sleeping through the night.  I really hope this changes soon.  He doesn't take the best naps either.  However, he does seem to take good naps on days I need to go somewhere.  Why is that?

- He's very ticklish, which I love, because baby laughs are the best!

- Still no teeth, but you would think they would be coming in any day, with the way he chews on everything and drools like crazy.  He's a pretty good eater, at least for his mom.  He doesn't eat as well for his dad.

- He loves mirrors.  This is one of things that can calm him down if he is crabby and going outside.

Enjoy Ryder's 7 month photos.  He definitely doesn't stay in one place for very long anymore.  He was getting a little crabby inside, so we had to move his photo shoot outside, which he loved.

"I can erase this, right mom?"

Sweet 7 month old

Time to go outside

We were in the shade, but every time I laid him on his back, he closed his eyes

Happy 7 months Ryder!