Thursday, June 14, 2012

Housewarming Gifts

We recently went to a Housewarming party and we put together a fun bucket of goodies for the new homeowners.  We tried to choose a variety of items that are used frequently when moving into a new home or are just nice to have around.

Housewarming Gift

What we included in our bucket:
- Maglite Flashlight
- Carabiner Style Bungee Cord
- Goo Gone
- WD-40
- Assortment of Nails/Hooks
- Nail Hole Filler
- Hand Soap
- Handmade Dish Cloths
- Tape
- Quick Card on a Paint Sample

Other possible items to include for a similar "basket" could be:
- Hammer or other small tools
- Extension Cord
- Level
- Gorilla Glue
- Paint Brush
- Surface Protectors

Some other possible Housewarming gifts:

Bottle of Champagne, to celebrate their new home

Pasta Night:  Colander, Pasta, Pasta Sauce and a Bottle of Wine

Oven Mitt filled with Kitchen Tools (wooden spoons, whisk, ice cream scoop, etc.)

Plant for Inside or Outside

Custom Return Address Stamp or Labels

Welcome Matt

A favorite item from a local store or Farmer's Market

You can never go wrong with a bottle of wine or flowers

Happy Champagne Thursday!



  1. Love it - thanks for the ideas!

  2. I love this idea! The BEST graduation gift I received was a tool kit from my aunt, and I didn't appreciate it until I moved into the dorms, we did the same thing for Jeff's little sister and she said the same thing! I love the goo gone, that stuff is so helpful! We just went to a housewarming party and brought a croquet set, but I really like your idea!

  3. Thanks ladies! Alisa, I love the croquet set idea or any other outdoor game!

  4. I recently brought apresent to my cousin and tied a pair of kitchen scissors to the bow.

  5. My last name is Yates!

  6. My last name is Yates!

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