Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My 1st Reupholstering Project

This past weekend we were in Helena, dog/cat/house sitting for my parents and I decided I need a little project. My mom had been talking about getting her dining room chairs reupholstered for a quite a while now, so I decided I would do it myself. 

All I needed for this project was fabric, a screwdriver, scissors, staple gun, staples and Scotchgard.  I've been wanting to reupholster something for a while now and I figured these chairs would be great for a first reupholstering project.  It was a fairly straight forward project.  Unscrew the seat, remove old fabric, cut new fabric to the correct size, begin stapling, make sure to pull the fabric tight while stapling, screw the seat back on the chair and then spray with Scotchgard.  The only part that was a little difficult was getting the corners right. 

Jo-Ann Fabrics was having an awesome President's Day Sale.  I found some great, sage colored suede fabric that matches their dining room perfectly.  The fabric was in the clearance section for $7 a yard, then all the clearance fabric was an additional 50% off, plus I had a 10% off coupon.  I got 3 yards for less than $10!  It was plenty of fabric to cover their six chairs, with left overs to cover an additional four chairs they have. 

Very loved chairs that needed a little update

Prepped to unscrew the seat

Staple gun ready

New fabric stapled on

Screwing the seat back on


I sprayed the fabric with a couple coats of Scotchgard  to give it a little added protection 

A little surprise for my parents when they got back

An easy, inexpensive update!


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  1. I appreciate you Melissa! They look absolutely fabulous!