Thursday, October 7, 2010

Floating Mantel

We recently completed our last project, under the category "remove all log and knotty pine from our house".  We built a new mantel or should I say "floating mantel" for our fireplace.  While I was browsing the Young House Love website, I found myself looking at their floating shelves, in their dining room and figured one shelf would work as a mantel.  All of the mantels we had looked in stores or online were too long, too fancy or too expensive.  This one is a nice, simple and affordable design that fits in great with the rest of our house.  I found the directions here and changed the dimensions (increased the height, shortened the length) around to work for our mantel.  

(Don't mind the baby on the floor)

Chris patching up some holes from the old mantel
Sorry about the poor picture quality


Don't you just want to lay by the fire and have a glass of champagne?

Happy Champagne Thursday!

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