Thursday, August 1, 2013

Garden Hose Holder

I got another project crossed off my to-do list this week, a garden hose holder.  Last week I got my inspiration from the ladies at Shanty2Chic for my fun wine rack and they have inspired me again this week!  I made a super easy garden hose holder for our backyard.  We are s-l-o-w-l-y updating our backyard and this garden hose holder helps clean things up a little.  

I got both items I needed for this project at our local Home ReSource store.  I love wandering around that place, there are so many things to look through.  I had actually bought the post there a while ago for another project I was going to do and never got around to, it was only $2.  Score!  I bought the metal hose holder there last weekend for $2 as well.  Double score!  I've seen similar hose holders for around $10, so $2 was a great deal.  I had everything else I needed for the project, so I only ended up spending $4 for this project.  

The post was previously used, so it needed a little sanding to smooth the sides out. 

After sanding, I screwed the hose holder onto the post with a couple screws.  Then I primed the post with some outdoor primer and some Rust-Oleum metal primer on the hose holder.  Next I used a few light coats of Canyon Black Rust-Oleum spray paint on the whole thing.  I chose black because our outdoor light fixtures, tiki torches and a couple planters are all black, so I'm hoping to this helps tie it together.  

Next, I dug a hole about a foot deep and installed the post.  Finally, I got the hose off the ground and wrapped the hose around holder.  Finished!  I love projects than I can get done in a couple of days!  


Happy Champagne Thursday!


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