Thursday, December 6, 2012

Superhero Party

This year has been all about Superheros around our house, so of course we had to go with a Superhero theme for the birthday party.  Since Parker and Ryder's birthdays are only ten days apart, we did a joint birthday party.  I figured I'd only be able to do that one or two times before they each want their own party, so I better take advantage of it now.

I was able to use a lot of the decor from Parker's room for the party, which was great.  I wrapped some empty boxes in black wrapping paper and added yellow construction paper for windows and had them set up in a few places around the house for some skyline decor.  I found some free superhero printables on Pinterest and made my own cupcake and cake toppers.  The napkins, party favor bags and birthday banner I found on clearance at Walmart a few months ago.
I cut out a cardboard number "1" and "4" and made photo collages of the boys the past year.  They turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

There were no organized games at the party, but we did give all the boys little Nerf guns and had pictures of Superhero Villains aka "bad guys," hung up around house for them to shoot.  There were also superhero masks, capes and tattoos to wear.  We had a 'guess how many pieces of candy are in the jar' and whoever was closest got the jar of candy.  

I set up a Superhero photo booth to get some fun pictures.  It was pretty much impossible to get a good shot of all the boys.  Imagine that.  I wish we would have gotten a few more pictures with the photo booth, but oh well.

Party Favors
Since it was a Superhero party and all we gave everyone The Avengers DVD and the kiddos got take home their nerf guns, more tattoos, stickers and candy.

Overall it is what you would expect from four year old and one year old's party, complete chaos, but I think everyone had fun!

Superhero Cupcakes

Ryder's Cake

Party Favors

Superhero canvases from Parker's room

Tattoos, masks, glow sticks, Nerf guns and Villains to find around the house

Superhero Villians

Parks and his Grandpas

Parker and Grandma

Parker and his Aunt Suzanna

Ryder and Grandpa

P and his new Batman

Happy Champagne Thursday!


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