Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Little More Contrast

Can you tell the difference between the first two pictures?  There are a few, but I'm looking for one particular answer.

We painted our porch railing white to match the rest of the trim.  It's a little hard to tell in the picture, but trust me, it looks much better.  It adds a little more contrast to our beige house.  I don't know why it wasn't painted that way in the first place.

Since our interior paint was purchased from Home Depot, I assumed our exterior paint was also from there.  So, I grabbed a few paint samples from Home Depot and color matched the samples with the rest of the trim on our house.  Behr Powdered Snow was the winner and seemed to be the closest match.

I want to paint our front door at some point.  Probably won't be happening any time soon though.  Any color suggestions?



And for anyone who is interested, here is what our house looked like on the day we moved in.


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